Wycore: Cloud Services That Offer Businesses Many Silver Linings

What could be more overwhelming for new entrepreneurs and startups than knowing that there are billions of businesses out there to compete with? However, worries are best left in the past, and knowing what technology holds for the future of industries and the potential to make a difference is enough to turn bright ideas into something more concrete. With the … Read More

Wycore Cloud Services: Everything You Need to Know

For businesses that employ a small roster, seeking third-party help to keep their tech game in shape is a must. Most of today’s boutique agencies rely on remote processes and multitasking capabilities via cloud services to cover all aspects of their businesses efficiently and without too much need for troubleshooting.  This is where Wycore Cloud Desktop’s DaaS or Desktop as … Read More

Now we launch a unique concept of maintenance-free clients

As an IT operator, Wycore has the goal of ensuring that the IT environment of customers is functioning smoothly and as easily as possible. Wycore’s Citrix-based cloud platform is designed to achieve this. By now also offering custom-configured thin clients, cloud clients, which connect directly into the cloud platform, users get an unrivaled smooth and flawless IT environment. Because the … Read More

Wycore Director A free service for fast and efficient support

Wycore now launches Director, a free service for fast and efficient support. Director is an advanced control panel for our cloud service, where IT managers can help their users remotely. One can, for example, easily remote control a user’s desktop at Wycore for support and, for example, close down one or more selected applications.

Visiting children’s homes and surrendered equipment for internet connection

Wycore has a social commitment with the non-profit association C.O.S. who built and operates a children’s home in the Philippines.We visited the children’s home this winter and then took computers with our customers donated by us after switching to Wycore’s maintenance-free cloud clients through our Wycore Digital Aid concept. The association then distributed the computers to schools in poor villages. … Read More