How to Set Up The Cloud Desktop Infrastructure You Need For Your Startup

Remote work, work-from-home, telecommuting– these terms suddenly invaded every professional’s vocabulary when the pandemic struck. Business owners and startups began searching for solutions to allay work disruptions. With most companies being forced to work indoors, the demand for business cloud services quickly shot up. The Asia-Pacific arm of Amazon Web Services even reported a 200% year-on-year growth among its top … Read More

Pushing Your Business Edge With Wycore’s Cloud Desktops

So you’ve finally completed your startup checklist.  Market research ✔ Business model ✔ Sales strategy ✔ Capital investment ✔ Team hires ✔ Have another look. Anything missing? You might think you’re ready to launch your brand new startup but then wonder how you can work with your team remotely considering that COVID-19 guidelines are still in place. Perhaps, the big … Read More