Managing Remote Work During The Pandemic Through The Help of Cloud Desktops

More and more industries are discovering the advantages that remorse work can offer. However, telecommuting has been a workforce option for some time now. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, most modern businesses and startups have already been going to coworking spaces and adapting to the new work model. All thanks to the convenience and flexibility that cloud desktops offer.  

While working remotely won’t suit every company’s needs in terms of productivity, many were forced to adjust to work-from-home arrangements to stay in business during the pandemic. For those who were new to cloud computing, the shift was not that easy. Fortunately, service providers like Wycore are out there to help set up remote IT infrastructures and guide remote workforces on how to remain productive in the comfort of their own homes.

For IT managers and business owners, here’s a simple guide on how to get the best out of cloud desktops and even increase productivity via telecommuting. 

Tap into the best cloud desktop technologies available

Getting the perfect cloud desktop provider for your type of business is not as easy as it sounds. Aside from the differences in the programs they offer, you’ll also have to factor in each one’s efficiency to secure your system, authorizations, and accessibility, as well as their affiliates. 

Wycore’s cloud desktop technology is designed to keep everyone in your workforce linked at all times even if they are countries away from each other through secure connections that are impenetrable to any malicious entity. 

Taking into consideration how 20% of remote workers complain about issues concerning communication, Wycore has long-worked with established IT brands including Microsoft which lets users run their Windows 10 desktops via the cloud for seamless online collaborations. Whether your work system is powered by Microsoft, Apple Linux, or Android you get 24/7 access and workability wherever you are and whatever device you prefer.      

Maintain life-work balance

According to last year’s State of Remote Report, 32% of employees say that the biggest benefit they get from working remotely is flexibility. People can finally spend more quality time with their families without worrying about the physical commute or being limited to fixed work hours.

However, 18% say that they are unable to unplug from work which can sometimes mess up the mix between their personal and professional lives.

To get your team working without the stress of being ‘always on’, observe a regular working schedule that’s appropriate in their time zone and territory. While you’re at it, set up your IT infrastructure in a way that it aligns with your business processes and further complements your employees’ flexibility while at remote work. Make sure you have reliable communication and access 24/7, as well as email and teleconferencing features because staying connected is always important even when you observe structured work schedules.

Foster a culture of trust

Two of the most important things for remote work to remain productive are integrity and trustworthiness. Encouraging both values for both business owners and staff members fosters a more collaborative culture with each member focused on clear goals. 

However, if instances arise wherein a few members are not being team players, your third-party cloud desktop vendor can prevent potential risks. Wycore’s cloud desktops can help you by properly setting up multi-factor authentication rules and putting strict encryption methods in place to protect your internal files, data, and communication. 

Keep your team engaged via cloud desktop sessions

Professionals always look forward to team-building retreats and there’s no reason why you can’t set up one virtually. Keeping your team engaged keeps their morale high especially during quarantine periods and allows you to create a level of cohesion that produces results. 

Preparing engagement strategies that can be facilitated online via teleconferencing or chat features is essential so you might want to set up regular schedules for virtual sessions. 

Of course, not all of your strategies should focus on fun and games. It’s also the best time for you to check in on your team members and see how they are doing while they work at home. Be attentive and make sure your sessions are properly documented so you can review them and draft solutions in your spare time.  

Keep your eyes on the prize

If you are just new to telecommuting, it can be a bit scary to shake things up a bit. The best way you can adapt smoothly to managing remote work is to weigh all the pros and cons. Now that you know how you can leverage the advantages of cloud desktops and what you need to boost your team’s morale, maybe it’s time to consider the entailing cost implications. 

For one thing, setting up your own pay-as-you-go IT infrastructure with Wycore reduces your overhead costs for maintenance, upgrades, and additional hires. It’s a good investment you can rely on for the long term and whether or not you’d want to continue working remotely with your team or go back to the office or coworking spaces when the COVID-19 smoke clears up.

In the meantime, managing your remote staff efficiently all boils down to how you stay true to your goals while shifting to fresh working models. And with how rapidly cloud desktop technologies continue to evolve, you can expect improved productivity at lower costs as you move forward.         
Discover how you can make your remote work setup more manageable with Wycore’s cloud desktop services now!

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