Here’s Why Wycore’s Cloud Computer Services Stand Out From the Rest

Imagine a cloud that you can control whether you need shade or rain anytime, anywhere. Now imagine you have a business and the shade represents data security while the rain comprises various desktop applications and tools you need to run your operations. That’s pretty much how cloud computing services work only with Wycore, there’s more. 

Aside from allowing you to run a remote staff who can all enjoy flexibility in schedules, increased productivity, and the luxuries of telecommuting, cloud computing is a virtual office that lets you stay connected to your colleagues and web-enabled tools and devices at your convenience.      

However, not all cloud computing service providers can offer you the same benefits. One continuously developing provider is Wycore which offers its clients managed services that ups the ante on cloud computing technology at lower overhead costs.

Ideal for startups who are on a tight budget but require versatile digital solutions that get the job done or digital nomads who are always on the go yet still need to be in front of their screens most of the time, Wycore’s managed services efficiently gives you instant access to your remote desktop, provide high security for your data and files, and utilize the latest Microsoft 365 applications at a click of a button regardless if you are using Windows 10, iOS, Android, or Linux devices.  

Check out these X-factors that set Wycore apart from other cloud computing services in the market today.

Cloud Desktop

Wycore’s Cloud Desktop features give you access to all of your computer files and saved data via uninterrupted online streaming. While there are still a few concerns from business owners on cybercrimes, Wycore ensures data security via efficient data encryption which makes it impossible for third-party intrusions. 

All users have to do to enjoy the numerous remote desktop services is log in wherever they are and whichever device they’re on and use their computer desktops as they would at home or the office. Most users even describe the platform as an innovation in digital organization and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) technology that makes practically all aspects of work easier. The platform’s ‘pay-as-you-go’ option also allows minimal payment for selected essential business software. 

Wycore’s Cloud Desktop is built to run hand-in-hand with Microsoft Azure– a next-generation solution from one of the most trusted tech giants today.  With Microsoft Azure, Wycore enables entrepreneurs to build, manage, and deploy software applications that are accessible in any language, framework, or IT infrastructure. 

And it’s easy to see how these solutions work well for small or big businesses that offer e-commerce products, require real-time chat support, operate via a remote staff, or need to deliver 24/7 services online. Most consumers today appreciate how businesses respond in real-time about their queries and Wycore allows that instant provider-customer connection acknowledging that even one lost customer is already a significant loss to the business.  

However, Wycore’s Cloud Desktop services don’t end with Microsoft Azure as it also guarantees top uptime experience to its users via the Citrix Platinum services as its foundation. Citrix Platinum creates a modern virtual workspace for entrepreneurs that are powered by multiple apps and desktop editions including Microsoft 365 services with just one sign-in required. What you get is a smoother workflow in every aspect of your business and more.

Business clients have the option to either scale up or scale down their desktop platforms to save money and make adjustments as necessary in no time at all. Software installations and server upgrades can be executed online within just a few minutes bringing the latest technology at the tip of their fingertips round-the-clock.    

With Wycore’s Cloud Desktop services, users are guaranteed downtime-free streaming, top data security, efficient backup features, and the latest in antivirus protection that can never harm a client’s desktop system no matter what. 

Maintenance-free Cloud Client services

Startup entities know what other new startups need and Wycore understands its clients’ pain points well. By addressing the top three concerns of every entrepreneur when acquiring digital services, the Wycore Cloud Client service uses maintenance-free computers, prioritizes security, and will not break the bank which makes for an ideal long-term service that always connects users to satellite links globally.

With the platform’s unique configuration, new client companies will be pre-configured and integrated into Wycore’s Cloud Desktop services. This only entails minimal set-up that works well for rotating workplaces or for staff members who work remotely but require a manageable IT infrastructure that never quits. And since Wycore Clients services completely lock down and store data via the cloud instead of local drives and storage spaces, users will get the highest security even when accessing any client remotely. Turn key-ready computers also save users time by setting up without the need to onboard any personal data regardless of how many users are joining the desktop system.  

The platform’s ease of use extends to conference calls via Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, or other similar communication platforms via Wycore accounts. In other words, Wycore’s Cloud Client services give you seamless collaboration anywhere in the world in an instant without needing to carry your laptops all the time! 

Managed Desktops

In today’s business landscape, cloud computer services have become an essential tool no matter what niche you’re in. The Wycore Managed Desktop services guide and walk you through your entire digital transformation making sure that you increase productivity, heighten security via intelligent monitoring processes, while still enjoying high-end applications when you need them.

This particular service stems from how Wycore recognizes the need to streamline business operations and provide faster access to essential applications that can prevent problems, which all boils down to offering the best cloud computing user experience for its clients. 

Wycore Managed Desktops cover every facet of deployment groups for Windows 10 quality in terms of enterprise updates, drivers, firmware, antivirus features, and Microsoft 365 applications. Automatic software updates are meticulously rolled out in sequence while registered devices are always monitored to detect technical issues before they even become full-blown problems. In fact, you may never even know there were any concerns at all given the fast troubleshooting features of the platform.

Wycore’s list of managed services takes users into the future of work today with an ever-developing platform that keeps abreast of the latest industry solutions available.

Visit Wycore and know more about how its managed services can turn your business into a digital enterprise with a huge advantage now!  

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