Here’s Why You Should Start Using Cloud Desktops for Work

These days, the use of cloud desktops has been prevalent among businesses regardless of scale and it’s so easy to see why. With prospects of remote work and the necessity for digital systems for business processes at an all-time high, more companies are turning to third-party providers that can help them level the playing field as they go up against bigger companies that have their own IT system and in-house team. 

In this article, we shall discuss how business cloud services can significantly streamline your work processes while cutting costs in your overhead expenses. More importantly, you’ll soon know why your migration to the cloud today is essential to your long-term prospects as a profit-earning professional.

Easy access to the applications you need

While there are many cloud services providers out there, businesses are looking for those who can customize their office desktops efficiently without sacrificing the perks of having 24/7 access, fast and reliable technical support and security, the ability to work remotely, and the flexibility to do tasks on various mobile devices. Aside from this, what sets other cloud computing providers apart are the partnerships they have forged with other tech giants to deliver specific services that any company might need.  

Wycore is one such IT infrastructure provider that boasts fully integrated desktop services with Microsoft 365 services with Single Sign On (SSO)– a per session user authentication feature that allows users to use one set of log-in credentials and access available applications within the company desktop via business cloud services. That means once you enter your name and password to your Wycore Desktop, you are also immediately signed in to all Microsoft services with just a single click.

This SSO feature makes things work for you faster and more efficiently especially when you’re dealing with multiple applications at the same time as it directly lets you access collaboration-centric platforms like OneDrive and Sharepoint. It’s secure and you won’t have to deal with multiple usernames and passwords for the applications you need.   

Every set up done in minutes

And since we’re on the subject of making things more convenient and streamlined, Wycore also features easy user onboarding processes that will only take a few minutes of your time to set up the best and most efficient desktop configuration for work.

Once you’re onboard the Wycore Client, your processes will be pre-configured and plugged into your assigned network in a jiffy and without further setup. What you instantly get is a work system that’s specifically designed for remote workplaces and hot desks with a single turn-key ready computer that gets you onboard immediately. 

Signing up new users and providing any client access is fast and reliable. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about regular maintenance and software upgrades per unit as everything is updated via cloud computing. And that’s more time and money for you in the long run!   

Secure and well-protected accounts 

Just last year, we saw the birth of Wycore 4 that fully integrates Microsoft Office 365 with OneDrive and Teams within the Wycore Desktop. Plus, through the use of cloud desktops, users can now activate their systems via two-factor authentication which allows for stronger protection against security breaches, increased flexibility, and productivity, not to mention lower help desk and management costs.   

With this multi-factor authentication feature, logging into your desktop is as easy as pie, and rest assured, all your data and applications and everything else you need from a hardworking desktop system is always within reach.

Always a remote helping hand available

So now you have a fully integrated system with all that you need, a strong authentication process powered via the cloud, and can now enjoy a smoother and more secure workflow wherever and whenever you are, with whatever device you have on your hand. But another thing that makes Wycore a preferred partner for its clients is the team’s always reliable 24/7 technical and security assistance. After all, IT infrastructures and technology, in general, can be complex and at times, unpredictable. 

However, with Wycore’s efficient cloud computing technologies and trusted partners, allowing users to contact troubleshooting and IT security experts anywhere, anytime is just icing on the cake. While the entire cloud desktop system you use is already protected optimally with the top modern antivirus software, support is on hand if you need it. Whether you have questions on recent application upgrades or suspect malware and phishing, the Wycore team is always ready to lend a hand. Pretty much, it’s just a trustworthy service that’s hard to come by these days.

Know more about Wycore and how you can set up and use your cloud desktop today! 

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