The Top 4 Benefits Cloud Desktops Can Deliver for Your Business

Many still scratch their heads whenever there’s a discussion about the benefits of cloud desktops. The most common question is: does your business really need it when you’ve managed to do well without the technology for years or decades? The simple answer to that can be in the form of a rhetorical analogy such as: will you send a homing pigeon to your business partners for faster communication now that you have email? While that approach may also reach the cloud literally, it may not be enough to convince even the most seasoned entrepreneurs to shift towards cloud computing. So, we figured it’s probably best to take each benefit of business cloud services piece-by-piece and finally let you into what the hype is all about when it comes to virtual skies.

The fact that the way we do business has evolved throughout the years is easy enough to acknowledge. Emails have replaced homing pigeons, high-powered computers got rid of abacuses, digital analytics give more information than survey forms, and mobile devices are now more preferred than desktops. Things have just changed and they continue to do so more rapidly in this day and age than ever before thanks to cloud computing technology.

For freelancers and startup entrepreneurs looking for new and available business solutions online to high-profile CEOs who are always on the go, business cloud services have made things a whole lot easier, more reliable, and highly cost-efficient.          

Don’t fret if you are a business manager who is still unfamiliar with how cloud technology works. In this article, we’ll discuss its four main benefits that are the very things you should look for in a business cloud service to boost your business in no time.

Integrated IT infrastructure 

You’re probably not that lost when it comes to using modern computer applications for work, right? By now, most professionals have been more accustomed to doing their correspondence, accounting, presentations, and reports via Microsoft Office and other such software via a single sign-on process. 

However, things can get a little too confusing, and technically troublesome, when you need to use and install multiple applications into your PC or laptop. Worse, not all of those applications will have available tech support when you need them.     

With cloud computing, you get to select the applications you need for business and set them up onto one integrated IT infrastructure that delivers fundamental functions when you need them. All of that at lower costs, maintenance-free, and 24/7 access with available tech support for remote installations.

Wycore’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform is built-in with Microsoft 365 which gives you access to the most up-to-date business software from the trusted company via your mobile devices anytime you need to log on. Whether you are on Android, iOs, or Linux, your Microsoft applications will run smoothly on your desktop so you won’t have to worry about accessing data files, storage, and applications. 

Hassle-free onboarding

There’s no doubt you’ve experienced instances when you wanted to pull your hair out each time an application freezes on your computer, then waste time trying to do some DIY troubleshooting and re-installing software only to get the same results. Thanks to cloud desktop services like Wycore, you get the benefit of setting up your fully integrated desktop once without having to worry about such inconveniences.  

The Wycore Client allows you to use its Control Panel so you can customize your desktop with specific managed services in a few minutes regardless of which mobile device you are on. The Control Panel is best-in-class and user-friendly with categorized menus on the left, and complete with customer management tabs, and user controls, with a search tab for easier navigation.   

From your desktop, you can manage multiple accounts without your IT infrastructure, securely set authorizations, flawlessly communicate with your global contacts and distribution groups, and personalize your service parameters. Plus, you get to select only the Microsoft 365 applications you need for work and cut down on service expenses via a pay-as-you-go method. 

Secure cloud computing

Every aspect of business has its risks. Digitally, companies can experience data security breaches, unauthorized log-ins, and costly hacks by hoodie-wearing Mr. Robot types that can make you lose a couple of digits in profit.   

Reliable IT partners like Wycore know that cybercrimes abound on the internet that’s why it applies multi-factor authentication with strict encryption protocols to ensure a highly secure IT environment each time you log on to your desktop. That means that it would take more than a single password to define your entire online security against intrusions and you’ll get reinforced protection for your sensitive credentials every time. 

Always On Support

Since digital innovations in cloud computing continue to evolve, you’ll also need to look for a remote IT provider that can lend a hand each time something new comes up. You can certainly say goodbye to those DIY troubleshooting days as everything can be fixed remotely in a few minutes– but only if you have reliable tech and security support. 

The experts behind Wycore also provide 24/7 assistance for all your IaaS and desktop needs so you can get a seamless user experience while navigating your desktops. With cloud desktops, you won’t have to resort to upgrading old PCs and reinstalling the latest software manually. Your logs are safely stored in data backups that only you can access, minimizing the potential risks of IT disaster management. Simply put, using the platform would make you want to sing “Hakuna Matata” while enjoying some well brewed coffee on the job. 

Learn more about the Wycore Client and how you can take advantage of the many cloud desktop benefits right now!   

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