Wycore Cloud Services: Everything You Need to Know

For businesses that employ a small roster, seeking third-party help to keep their tech game in shape is a must. Most of today’s boutique agencies rely on remote processes and multitasking capabilities via cloud services to cover all aspects of their businesses efficiently and without too much need for troubleshooting.  This is where Wycore Cloud Desktop’s DaaS or Desktop as … Read More

Frequent Business Problems That Wycore’s Cloud Desktop Can Solve In A Jiffy

It’s quite surprising how even after a decade, most companies are still in the dark when it comes to the benefit of cloud desktops for their business. With 93% of IT professionals saying that Desktop-as-a-Service is very essential, understanding how it all works can be a potential goldmine for business owners in any type of niche.  Yes, most professionals are … Read More

Managing Remote Work During The Pandemic Through The Help of Cloud Desktops

More and more industries are discovering the advantages that remorse work can offer. However, telecommuting has been a workforce option for some time now. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, most modern businesses and startups have already been going to coworking spaces and adapting to the new work model. All thanks to the convenience and flexibility that cloud desktops offer.   While … Read More

How to Set Up The Cloud Desktop Infrastructure You Need For Your Startup

Remote work, work-from-home, telecommuting– these terms suddenly invaded every professional’s vocabulary when the pandemic struck. Business owners and startups began searching for solutions to allay work disruptions. With most companies being forced to work indoors, the demand for business cloud services quickly shot up. The Asia-Pacific arm of Amazon Web Services even reported a 200% year-on-year growth among its top … Read More

Pushing Your Business Edge With Wycore’s Cloud Desktops

So you’ve finally completed your startup checklist.  Market research ✔ Business model ✔ Sales strategy ✔ Capital investment ✔ Team hires ✔ Have another look. Anything missing? You might think you’re ready to launch your brand new startup but then wonder how you can work with your team remotely considering that COVID-19 guidelines are still in place. Perhaps, the big … Read More

Here’s How ‘YOU’ Can Reap Real Cloud Desktop Benefits From Wycore

Back in the old days, cloud computing took on a one-size-fits-all approach for users from all walks of life. With various digital innovations today, the benefits of cloud desktops are more specific to particular industries which results in higher productivity through more reliable and cost-efficient services. Business cloud services have made a great impact in practically all business sectors that … Read More

The Top 4 Benefits Cloud Desktops Can Deliver for Your Business

Many still scratch their heads whenever there’s a discussion about the benefits of cloud desktops. The most common question is: does your business really need it when you’ve managed to do well without the technology for years or decades? The simple answer to that can be in the form of a rhetorical analogy such as: will you send a homing … Read More

How Today’s Business Cloud Services Can Make Your Business More Efficient

Business cloud services are becoming more and more popular in global business communities these days not only for how it enables users to store data and share files via the cloud but also for how it streamlines work processes and cuts down costs for dedicated IT infrastructures.  In the U.S., companies are steadily creating growth for cloud adoption since 2016 … Read More

Here’s Why You Should Start Using Cloud Desktops for Work

These days, the use of cloud desktops has been prevalent among businesses regardless of scale and it’s so easy to see why. With prospects of remote work and the necessity for digital systems for business processes at an all-time high, more companies are turning to third-party providers that can help them level the playing field as they go up against … Read More

The Benefits of DaaS Cloud Computing in Today’s Business

When people hear the term ‘cloud computing’ for the first time, most would either get how its processes work instantly or simply dismiss it as another tech jargon that’s worth leaving up in the air. However, if you are engaged in business, turning to available cloud services is quite inevitable these days as there are so many benefits and advantages … Read More

Here’s Why Wycore’s Cloud Computer Services Stand Out From the Rest

Imagine a cloud that you can control whether you need shade or rain anytime, anywhere. Now imagine you have a business and the shade represents data security while the rain comprises various desktop applications and tools you need to run your operations. That’s pretty much how cloud computing services work only with Wycore, there’s more.  Aside from allowing you to … Read More